June 2017

Years ago and I had taken some yoga classes here and there and I also did prenatal yoga before my son was born. While I enjoyed it back then, I got busy and it was over 10 years before I did another yoga class. I started yoga with Swati over a year ago. During this time I have felt my body change. I’m feeling stronger both physically and mentally. Yoga has taught me that I can do things I thought I could never do. It has given me peace with my mind and body. Never having been one that enjoyed working out, I find Yoga is the workout that I absolutely love and look forward to. I’m challenged in every class and compete with myself to do better and hold a pose longer than I thought I could. I feel better and have a greater sense of self confidence. I love the fact that there is no judgment in her studio and you can do things at your own level. I can laugh at myself and have fun while attempting some of the more challenging poses. I plan on continuing practicing Yoga for a very long time.

Sharon T.

May 2017

It had been 5 overwhelming years since my last yoga class – after moving from three different states, several career bumps, a major loss in one family coupled with the most heartbreaking disarray in the other while still finishing school… then I decided to finally follow my husband’s advice and found A Yoga Journey. Of course it was hard to wake my body up again. Not just physically but also emotionally. During these 5 years, not only had my muscles and bones become stiff but also my emotions had been suppressed and buried deep inside as a coping mechanism; after all we had to keep going for our little ones. So, on the first class, as my yoga instructor started to guide us through poses and breaths, the twists and stretches were at first very challenging and uncomfortable, but slowly they started to bring my balance and self-awareness back. The intensity of her words made me realize how much had been buried in all these years. So I slowly started to let the negativity go: tension, sorrow, and feeling of hopelessness… Each breath took my body and mind further. I understood that it was all up to me, it had always been. I could continue to be trapped or I could let it all go. So I decided internally to capitulate and free myself from all my physical and emotional distress… and as my instructor said the word “surrender”, a wave of tears struck me. Even though this wave shook me to my core, I didn’t let it out. I didn’t sob or even let one tear out. I felt embarrassed and self-conscious. I was worried about what people would think. But next time, and now realizing what happened on that day and having a better understanding of what yoga is about, I will let it all out.

Isabelle S.